How to Shrink Large Pores, Unique Tips to Make Pores Smaller + Infographic

In a world where your appearance plays a significant role in how others view you as well as how you view yourself having large pores or facial blemishes can create problems with your ability to deal with others and have a huge influence on your self-esteem. Enlarged pores make your face more prone to breakouts because they are at increased likelihood of becoming clogged with oil and dirt. Pores are the tiny dots that you can see on the skin. They are the openings of hair follicles and contain one sebaceous gland which produces natural oils for the face. Enlarged pores are also more noticeable which is not a good thing where your face is concerned.

​ It is important to note that pores are absolutely necessary because they perform the very important job of allowing the body to release sweat and oil. While enlarged pores are not harmful to your health, they can prove to be a nuisance because they are usually not pleasant to look at.Thankfully, there are ways to minimize the size of your pores. The following is a list of actions that you can take to decrease the appearance of your pores resulting in a cleaner, more radiant, and clearer look. Following that there will be an explanation of pore minimizers, how they work, and why they are ideal for the skin.

1. The overall key to ensuring that your pores remain small and less noticeable is by keeping your face clean. This usually entails thoroughly cleaning your face twice a day. However, it may be more if your face tends to produce excess amounts of oil.

2. Completely wash your face before and after working out or spending an extended amount of time sweating. This is because sweat easily carries makeup and dirt to the pores where they will remain and stretch the skin.

3.Use face cleaning products that include the ingredient salicylic acid. Salicylic acid works great at removing dead skin cells which tend to become trapped in the pores resulting in enlargement. It also decreases the amount of oil on your skin. This is ideal because your pores tend to appear larger when there is more oil on your face.

4. Always make certain that you remove all makeup and dirt on your face using a gentle cleaner prior to going to sleep. This prevents the makeup and dirt from accumulating in the pores and increasing the size of their appearance.

5. Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the skin that can result in enlarged pores. Make certain the product you opt to use whether it be a gel, mask, or lotion, contains a proven sloughing ingredient. Sloughing ingredients include fruit enzymes, retinols, and hydroxy acids. If your skin is resilient, strong, and does not turn red after it is done, you can exfoliate once daily. If your skin is more sensitive one to three times a week should be sufficient. Be aware that exfoliating can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight because of the removal of dead skin cells. This means that you should use some type of SPF protection product daily to make sure your face does not become burnt.

6. When exfoliating there are several things to consider because scrubbing too hard can actually result in your pores appearing larger. When choosing a scrub opt for one that is composed of natural beads because they are less irritation to the skin. Make certain that you do not scrub too hard. The best way to apply an exfoliant is to gently glide your clean fingers over your face and let the scrub do the majority of the work. Make certain that you pat your face dry when finished as opposed to rubbing it dry.

7. Apply a clay mask once or twice a week. Masks that include kaolin clay in them are great at removing dirt and decreasing the size of large, clogged pores. It is very simple to use. All you have to do it apply a thin layer on your face after thoroughly washing it. It should be left on for several minutes before gently washing it off and rewashing your face with your facial cleanser.

8. Make certain that you use non-comedogenic makeup during the day. This is makeup that is formulated not to clog the pores giving them a larger appearance. Most makeup brands have these products available and they are often clearly marked on the packaging.

9. When applying makeup apply shimmery products to areas that naturally have smaller sized pores including the upper bridge of the nose, the forehead near the hairline, and the tops of your cheekbones. Use matted products in area where pores are naturally larger. This will draw more attention to the smoothest parts of the skin and remove focus from areas containing larger pores.

10. Do not use makeup, lotions, or other products on your face that contain heavy ingredients. Examples include mineral oil and petroleum. These products tend to irritate the pores and give them a larger appearance.

11. Always apply UV protection to your face. Over time, when your face is exposed to UV light the skin will begin to thin resulting in damaged collagen and enlarged pores. However, sunscreens often result in a shiny appearance that makes your pores more noticeable so you may want to use a primer or foundation that contains SPF.

 12. In the event that you experience a breakout it is imperative that you do not pick at, squeeze, or pop any pimples. This is because it can cause skin trauma resulting in permanent widening of the pores that cannot be fixed.It also adds dirt and oil on your hands to the kin which increases the likelihood of a breakout.

13. You should be aware that there is nothing on the market that can actually shrink your pores, but there are products available to decrease their visibility. Pore minimizers are a product that is available to reduce the appearance of your pores.They work by cleaning the face and removing any pore clogging particles on the face such as dirt,dead skin, bacteria,makeup, and sweat.By removing these things from the skin the pores become far less noticeable and appear smaller. They also work to increase the amount of elasticity in the skin resulting in a more youthful appearance. Enabling the skin to maintain its elasticity helps pores remain their size as opposed to growing larger and more visible.


​ Pore minimizers are easily applied. You simply make certain that your face is thoroughly cleansed with a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. This is important because it will help decrease the gunk that is clogging your pores. Doing this allows your skin to better absorb the pore minimizer. You place a small amount of a cotton ball and simply wipe it over your skin prior to applying any moisturizing products. This is an easy process that is usually done twice daily, once in the morning and when you wash your face prior to going to bed. The result is a pore that is cleaned out and much less obvious.

​ Pore minimizers contain a variety of safe ingredients. They include azelaic acid, a naturally occurring product that has properties allowing it to help exfoliate and clean out the pores. Pore minimizers frequently contain vitamin C and other products that work to condition the skin. There are brands available that also contain silica which decreases the amount of oil contained in the pores. Vitamins A and E may also be included in pore minimizers to act as a softening agent for the skin. Finally, emu oil is often an ingredient in pore minimizers because it helps fade the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It is also an antimicrobial agent that assists in cleaning the skin and eradicating bacteria from the pores.There are pore minimizers that contain hydroxy and beta hydroxy which are popular for their use of erasing the signs of aging including wrinkles and large pores. It is important to know that all these ingredients are safe and have been approved by the FDA.

In recent years the question has been raised as to whether or not pore minimizers work. The answer is yes. They do work to shrink the appearance of your pores, but they cannot eradicate them. However, they do not claim to be able to do this. It is important to note that you may not see results the first time you use a pore minimizer because, like most beauty treatment products, it takes several weeks of continued, everyday use to see the complete results. Be aware that frequently the size of your pores is determined by genetics. This means that while all the tips above should still be followed, your pores may still be more noticeable than you would like. Pore minimizers are ideal in this situation in that they can shrink the size they appear to be and make them far less visible to yourself and others.

There is no doubt that most women crave radiant, glowing skin and one of the largest barriers to this is the unsightly appearance of large pores. Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent them from becoming larger, but even better than that is the fact that there are products to minimize their appearance. Make today the day you begin working toward the face that you have always wanted. Order pore minimizer and see for yourself what stunning and excellent results await you. You may find yourself wondering why you did not try this product years ago.

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